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TR-BLK-1 Black Cable Speed Rope
TR-BLK-1 Black Cable Speed Rope

TR-BLK-1 Black Cable Speed Rope

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Product name: TR-BLK-1 Black Cable Speed Rope
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The Valor Fitness TR-BLK-1 Adjustable Speed Rope is a must-have for any athlete or box gym owner! Ideal for Cross Training and other high intensity workouts, the TR-BLK-1 is built with a 9ft long, 2.5mm thick cable that allows a quick spin to cycle through repetitions faster, making this Speed Rope the perfect tool to help any athlete learn and perform double unders and other advanced exercises. The length of the cable can be adjusted to specifically meet the needs of the user with the knob at the top of each handle. To adjust the length, loosen the bolt and pull the cable until you find the desired length before cutting off the excess length of the cable. Simply retighten the bolt to use again. The 6.25” handles are constructed of a lightweight plastic and are durable enough to withstand constant use over time. Meant for home, garage, studio, and box gym use, the Valor Fitness TR-BLK-1 can also be used for boxing training and many other endurance training programs.
Part Number: 844192004091

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