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VB-G-16 Boxing Gloves 16oz

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Valor Boxing VB-G-16 Gloves 16oz
Part Number: 844192008082
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The Valor Fitness VB-G Boxing Gloves are constructed with durability, support, and comfort in mind. These quality boxing gloves are made with black polyurethane leather to create a stronger, more durable glove. The heavy-duty Velcro wrist closure provides strong wrist support and prevents injury, while the shock-absorbing foam core provides additional support to both the hand and wrist. The refined glove design allows flexibility for the fingers and provides additional hand protection. On the palm side of the glove, there are air ventilation pores for breathability and comfort by reducing the amount of perspiration held within the glove. The Valor Fitness VB-G Boxing Gloves are available in the following sizes: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz..

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