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VB-MMA MMA Gloves Large
VB-MMA MMA Gloves Large

VB-MMA MMA Gloves Large

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Product name: Valor Boxing VB-MMA-L MMA Gloves Large
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As mixed martial arts (MMA) has grown in popularity, Valor Fitness is pleased to present the VB-MMA MMA Gloves. Whether you are grappling or striking, the polyurethane leather is designed to be stronger and less brittle for durability. The Velcro wrist closure provides enhanced wrist support to prevent injury, while the shock absorbing foam core will protect your hands during your most intense strikes. The open finger design, unique to MMA gloves, allow the hand and fingers to move freely so you can perform all the movements required for MMA training while the refined glove design provides flexibility for fingers and hand protection. The air ventilation pores on the palm side of the glove enhance breathability during your training and help minimize perspiration. The Valor Fitness VB-MMA MMA Gloves are available in Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.

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Part Number: 844192008112

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