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Valor Fitness BD-18 Squat Stand Towers (Independent or Connected) with Dip Handles

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BD-18 Squat Stand Towers
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The Valor Fitness BD-18 Squat Stand Towers is a versatile rack that is the perfect addition to a home or light-commercial gym setting. Constructed of 2” x 3”, 12-gauge steel for strength and durability, the unit can serve as 2 independent squat stand towers or it can be connected at the base to create a stronger single unit rack with enhanced stability. The uprights of each tower are static and do not telescope to ensure maximum strength in the frame and add safety which is a key feature of the BD-18. 2 adjustable safety catches are included to provide safety in the event the user is unable to complete the lift. Adjustable bar holders attach to each upright for racking and unracking barbells, while also serving as dip handles on the opposite to add versatility to workouts. With a recommended maximum weight load of 600 lb, the BD-18 Squat Stand Towers include 2 Olympic Spring Collars (2”) and 2 Olympic Sleeve Adapters that convert 1” plate storage pegs to 2”.

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