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WBP-14 Wall Ball Pro 14 lb
WBP-14 Wall Ball Pro 14 lb

WBP-14 Wall Ball Pro 14 lb

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Product name: WBP-14 - Valor Fitness 14lb Wall Ball Pro
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The Valor Fitness WBP Wall Ball Pros/Medicine Balls are made with the competitor, hard core fitness facilities, and box gym in mind! Wall balls/med balls are a great strength and conditioning tool, as they can be used for basic wall balls to a target, for side throws, ab crunches, added to a run for increased cardio intensity, or for just about any core exercise/workout you can think of. With a vinyl outer shell to enhance grip and heavy duty stitching for extra strength and durability, these Wall Balls will withstand the most rigorous routine and competition, and is a perfect addition for any home, box, studio or light-commercial gym that incorporates cross training and many other similar methods of exercise in their workout. Each of these heavy-duty exercise balls has a high-density stuffing that keeps the rubber chip core centered and balance the weight during your workout or when stored away. Our Wall Balls have been tested and proven in competitions - they are the #1 choice of wall ball/medicine ball for numerous cross training competitions throughout the state of Florida. If they allow competitive athletes to perform better, they'll do the same for you in the comfort of your own home or gym! To perform wall balls, an exercise that has become increasingly popular over the years, hold the ball at chest level with your feet shoulder width apart, and shoulders back. With your elbows under the ball, descend into a squat with your weight over your heels. Drive upwards with your back straight, engage your hips, and throw the ball vertically into the wall. Catch it on the rebound and descend back into the squat to repeat repetitions. As you become more advanced, you will be able to cycle the repetitions by descending into the squat as you catch the rebound. Choose from the following weights available to build your strength and conditioning to the next level: 6 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, 14 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, and 30 lb.

Part Number: 844192006552

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