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WV-30 Adjustable Weight Vest 30 lb

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The Valor Fitness WV-30 Adjustable 30 lb. Weight Vest is a great option for athletes looking to boost their fat burn, increase muscle and bone strength, core strength, and cardiovascular fitness. The WV-30 Vest will help you improve your health, meet fitness goals, tone the body, and enhance athletic performance. The vest is constructed of hi-density nylon fabric, encompassing a flexible thin foam padding to provide comfort while wearing the vest. Both the shoulders, as well as the torso, have adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit around the body. Includes 16 individual weight bag compartments that weight about 1.875 lbs. each, secured with Velcro so they do not move while the athlete is in motion, to allow the user many options to adjust the weight from less than 1 lb. (just the vest) to 30 lbs. (with all weight compartments filled). A reflective strip on both front and back offer added protection and safety if used outside at night. 1-year warranty.

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